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Mountain Bike Tours

A canopy tour may not be for you or even an ATV tour for that matter. Even though some people seem to enjoy themselves while flying through the treetops or zooming across the rain forest floor on an ATV doesn't mean you will. There are options for adventure seekers who like a little less heart-pounding action while on vacation.

You can hike throughout Costa Rica’s breathtaking landscape or you can take a mountain bike tour across acres of the most diverse eco-system in the world. There are guides who will take you to places you’ve never even heard of while on your mountain bike tour. (Riding a bike can also help take off some of those pounds people often gain over their vacations.) 

Why would you turn away a once-in-a-lifetime chance to view some plants and animals you’ve never even heard of? You shouldn’t. Costa Rica is considered to be a destination that has the highest amount of diversity, much more than most of the other countries. 

The Allure of Costa Rica 

Because Costa Rica is encircled by two oceans and filled with just about every kind of geographical feature, such as mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and beaches. All of these features combine to give the Latin American country a wealth of ecosystems and wildlife. In fact, more than 500,000 species inhabit Costa Rica. Perhaps the thing Costa Rica is most known for is its beaches. Surfers especially love the county’s coastline because there are a variety of waves that pound the shores. Some waves are great for dare-devil surfing while others are slow and short enough for the beginners. Families who want to watch their kids wade in calm surf also have options.

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