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Maybe zipping through the rainforest on a canopy tour of Costa Rica isn’t for you. There’s still a great way to explore this amazing tropical paradise through ATV tours. You can see some of the world’s most diverse wildlife and more than 5,000 types of plants on an All-Terrain Vehicle tour. 

An ATV tour will take you across thousands of acres of breathtaking landscape, through rainforests, mountains, and beaches. No trip to Costa Rica is complete without a ATV tour through the countryside and why would you want to leave this gorgeous country without making the most of it? 

Costa Rica – One Spot You Don’t Want To Miss

If you vacation in Costa Rica, you’re probably an adventure seeker. Most daring tourists come to this South American country because it’s known for adventure tourism. There are so many options to get your heart pumping, whether it’s a canopy tour or a whitewater tubing tour. And don’t forget about surfing. Costa Rica is a premier surfing locale.
If you need to relax, Costa Rica has beautiful white sand beaches on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. There is a beach for any kind of mood you’re in. There are some just for surfing and those just for partying. Then there are those that you would take your little ones – nice calm atmosphere and waters to match. 

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