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Leatherback Turtle Tour

There is a critically endangered animal in Costa Rica that you have to see before it’s too late. It’s called the Leatherback Turtle and they are among the largest living marine reptiles in the world and live almost exclusively in the sea. The few times they appear on land is when the females lay eggs and when the hatchlings break out of their shells and waddle toward the ocean. 

What’s makes this endangered creature so special is its unique blood supply system is has to its bones and cartilage, which enables its body temperature to stay just above that of the water its swimming in. That system helps the turtle tolerate cold water so that it can swim to depths deeper than any other marine turtle.

These exceptional reptiles live their entire lives at sea, save for a few exceptions – when the females make their way to the beach to lay eggs and when their hatchlings waddle to the ocean after breaking out of their shells. These magnificent creatures are just one of an abundance of species that nature lovers look forward to seeing while in Costa Rica. In fact, some people travel to the small Latin American country specifically for its unparalleled wildlife, which has helped boost the country’s eco-tourism industry.

Costa Rican = Biodiversity

The vast plant and wildlife that inhabit Costa Rica is made possible because of the country’s many geographical features located very close together. There are rushing rapids that offer heart stop tubing adventures, waterfalls, beautiful mountains, and beaches all surrounded by oceans. Together, they create many different eco-systems that yield a biodiverse climate unmatched by any other country in the world. In fact, there are more than 500,000 species that inhabit the country. Most people come to Costa Rica to enjoy its many beautiful beaches, some to surf others to sun bathe. Beaches line the country’s coast, giving tourists many options. If you’re looking for a good surfing beach, you may choose one over another that provides a calm surf that anyone can enjoy. 

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