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When you think of rodeos, what do you picture? If you answered American cowboys out west trying to stay on a bucking bronco, you may need to rethink your concept rodeos. 

There is a section of Costa Rica that is actually known for these events. Just about every town in the northern end of the Latin American country puts on rodeos in the summer months. Some towns even hire traveling rodeo teams to put on a show, which may include horseback riding and calf roping. 

More Than Bucking Broncos

Rodeos are just one of the many adventures Costa Rica’s tourists participate in on their vacations. These events have helped boost the Latin American country’s eco-tourism industry, making it a premiere location for adventure seekers and nature lovers.
Most of the time tourists come to Costa Rica in order to explore its vast geographical features. There are waterfalls cascading over sharp rocks. There are whitewater rapids rushing down its rivers. There are beautiful mountains majestically standing on the horizon. And there are beaches encircled by two oceans. Out of the proximity of these diverse geographic features has come a unique eco-system that has created an unmatched amount of flora and fauna, not to mention sea and wildlife. There are more than 500,000 species that inhabit the country.  

Surfers are drawn to Costa Rica because of its many beaches. Some of the best waves in the world can be found along this country’s coasts. There are beaches with large waves for the more experienced surfers and beaches with smaller waves for the beginners. These beaches also offer a calm surf that allows young ones to wade in the water without fear of being knocked down by a large wave.  

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