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Sport Fishing

With such a diverse ecosystem, it’s no wonder that the oceans surrounding Costa Rica provide for an even broader array of activities such as sport fishing. While some people go to Costa Rica to surf, others come to this tropical paradise to sport fish. The South American country is filled with sport fishing opportunities, whether it’s fishing spots along the bay or if you boat out to sea. No matter where you cast your line, you’ll see a diverse species of aquatic life.  

Fishing Choices

There are several options when thinking about a sport fishing holiday. You can take a luxury fishing excursion or a less expensive trip if you’re on a budget. Sport fishing in Costa Rica is becoming very popular and is in high demand among tourists. You may want to book your trip well in advance in order to get the best rates or off-season rates for sport fishing packages and any other tour packages you’d like to go on while you’re there.

Enjoy Other Adventures Too!
Costa Rica offers many opportunities for adventure seekers, like canopy tours, whitewater tubing tours, horseback tours, and ATV tours. You can explore the rainforest, rivers and beaches. While you’re touring the countryside, you’ll see some of the most diverse plant and wildlife in the world. What makes Costa Rica one of the most biodiverse countries in the world is its geographic location. Two oceans surround this South American country and it has a variety of geographical features in a relatively small area. You can be in the mountains an hour or two after you’re on a beach and a couple hours after you traveled through the rainforest. Because of these different ecosystems, you’ll see a wide range of plant and wildlife. Most people are drawn to Costa Rica for its surfing. There are beaches famous for its tall waves and some that are famous for its waves that are best suited for beginners. There are also beaches that are great for families looking for a relaxing day playing in the sand and splashing in the surf.

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