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Tubing Adventures

If canopy tours aren’t your thing imagine riding through the rainforest on a horseback riding tour to a spot near a rushing river. You come across some changing rooms where you’ll lose your clothes and put on your swimming suits. You walk a little further until you get to the base of La Victoria Waterfall, one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful water features, where you’ll find Rio Nergo tubing adventure.

Tubing – Costa Rica Style

As much as you want to, you can’t jump in right away. Instructors will give you a safety overview before you get into your own round raft and have a tubing adventure down the white water rapids of the Rio Negro.
Can you imagine?
An hour and a half of adrenalin-pumping adventure! And when you’re done, you’ll have a relaxing horseback riding tour back to your private accommodations at Ollie’s Point Surf camp.

The Excitement of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the only place for adventurous tourists to spend their vacations because it offers much more than tubing adventures. You have a plethora of heart-pumping opportunities while being surrounded by one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the world. You can surf, zip through the air on a canopy tour, or drive through the rainforest on an ATV tour. The opportunities are endless!
Whether you’re looking for a righteous wave or just a relaxing swim in calm waters, Costa Rica offers different beaches to suit your mood. It can do that because the tropical paradise is situated between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Some beaches are known for their waves while others are known for their calm waters.

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