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Surfing Lessons

Ollie’s Point Surf Camp offers private and group surf lessons. Our certified instructors speak Engligh and Spanish so you will have no trouble communicating in either of those languages.  Whether you are a beginner and  this is your first time on a surf board or would just like to have a few hours to get  reaquianted with the surf, our camp is the place to call.  Below are details of a typical surf lesson.  Typical is hard to define so please keep in mind that we tailor our services to accommodate you.  Just tell us what you want and we will (more often than not) make it happen.

Private Surf Lessons (3 hour private surf lesson for individuals)

45 minute surf intro (on land)

  • How to stand up on board
  • How to hold board
  • Foot position on board
  • How to paddle into waves
  • How to balance
  • Finding your center of gravity
  • Art of stretching
  • Surfing safety
  • History of surfing
  • Proper surf techniques

180 minutes in water

  • Right time to get onto board
  • How to control the board when you’re not on it
  • How to paddle while you’re in the water
  • How to paddle through the wave breaks
  • How to sit on your surf board and watch for waves
  • How to pick the perfect wave
  • When is the right time to start paddling to catch your wave.
  • What to do once you’re up and riding the wave

Click HERE to check rates. Be sure to select the tab for "Surf Lesson".

Our certified surfing instructors are dedicated to your experience and comitted to your safety.  As such, the first time you meet with a surf guide will be an (informal) evaluation to asses your individual experience, skills and goals.  This helps our surf guide determine which areas are best suited for your unique needs.

  • All surfing lessons are done at a spot where there is a beach for taking a break from the water. Tamarindo, Avellanas and Playa Grande are some of the popular areas. You should plan on this being the only activity you will do on that day.
  • Surfing lessons are available to individuals and small groups. We prefer to keep the ratio of instructor to student low to allow for as much individualized attention possible. Our lessons are suitable for children and adults of all ages.

Please note that all children are very different. While we try to accommodate every child who wants a surf lesson, there may be an instance where we simply cannot provide it. Our surf guides will determine if a child is a good candidate for instruction during the evaluation.

  1. If it is determined that the child is not a candidate for a surf lesson (based entirely on each child), we can assist you in obtaining child care while you are having your lessons. If you prefer that your child travel with you, please keep in mind that someone must be available to watch the child while you are learning. If there is no one else in your party available we are able to assists you in obtaining a “nanny” per diem who will spend the day caring for the child while you focus on the waves.
  2. If the child does qualify for our surf lessons, perfect! Just note that our surf instructors and guides will never provide a lesson without the supervision of a parent/child.


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