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Playa Grande

A fast and hollow beach break, named after it’s expansive coastline. Three main peaks the largest peak is very crowded most of the time.




A slow and mellow beach break with some rocky areas. It is one of the best waves for beginners, because of this, it is also one of the most crowded breaks in the area. Great for long boards, some good breaks for short boards too. Waves over 5 ft. here start to close out.



Witch's Rock

One of the best beach breaks around. This break is good for longboards or shortboards if you are not a novice surfer. There are several peaks, some beach, some rocky and even a reef break.




 Ollie's Point

Our namesake




 Playa Avellanas

Marbella’s beach break with a lot of nice left and rights, it’s really good with off shore wind. A fast break, not a good place to learn how to surf.

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